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Child Education Program


CEP: "Child Education Program"

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20€ a month to change the life of a child who has no future

I would like to sponsor a child, what do I do?

This program is a logical continuation of our pre-school program. It can enable children from those schools to continue in the normal public school system.

Although these children may be without bearings in their lives, they nevertheless have learned and assimilated rules concerning hygiene and respect of regular time schedules which will allow them to enter the normal school system. After the end-of-the-year examinations, some of them have received good grades in the pre-schools or in other schools but can not meet the expense required to attend a government school. For those children whose parents agree to do so, a committee gets together with Dr Tulsi in order to select those who seem to be capable of continuing their studies. These children are then proposed for help from our sponsorship program.

Special features of our sponsorship program:


At the end of his studies and once he has a regular profession, the child signs a contract where he agrees in turn to be financially and morally responsible for the studies of another disadvantaged child whom he encounters in the course of his life He accepts the fact that this child has no family or friendship relationship to him or to his family and agrees to do what was done for him. This contract only concerns his personal moral responsibility. We have confidence in these men and women to help us and in this way to create a chain of solidarity.

Call for sponsors

You may sponsor a child for the sum of 20€ a month. Through the financial support of a foster parent, a child can join a public school and even continue through university if he does well in high school.

Every CEP foster parent will receive a dossier for his foster child with a photo and the history of his family. Every six months, he will get a report on the progress or the problems of the child.

You will find more information at CEP sponsorship program by clicking on the link.