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Compte rendu de l’assemblée Générale du 3 juin 2016

Le Compte rendu de l’assemblée Générale du 3 juin 2016 est disponible en ligne à l'adresse

 Compte rendu de l'AG 2016.pdf

Assemblée générale 3 juin 2016


Convocation des membres à l’Assemblée générale annuelle
de l’Association Deva-Europe le 3 juin 2016 à Aix-en-Province


Cliquer ici, SVP.


Compte rendu de l’assemblée Générale du 12 décembre 2015

Le Compte rendu de l’assemblée Générale du 12 décembre 2015 est disponible en ligne à l'adresse

 Compte rendu de l'AG 2015.pdf

Changes for Deva-Europe

This is a time of important changes for Deva-Europe and therefore its Internet pages must be changed too.

Following a study of the needs and functioning of the DISCC, a meeting took place with the President of Deva-Europe, volunteers from Nice and Dr Tulsi. They agreed on a need to completely overhaul the existing structures and to modify the goals of DEVA/DISCC. (See Newsletter No. 23 for details.) The new goals are stated as follows:

Furnish the means needed to maintain not only a highly competent but also an adequately paid staff in order to offer an outstanding reception center for mentally handicapped children; and thereby make Deva Center a model for such centers in India.

In the future, therefore, Deva-Europe will focus on Dr. Tulsi’s original project, Deva Center. Since the government and local NGOs have created new schools capable of taking over from ours, the Gangotri and Ambedkar Schools will close on March 2016, at the end of the school year in India. At the same time, new associations are being created which deal with medical and nursing care for leprosy victims. Those organizations will therefore take over the responsibility of running both the Sankat Mochan and the Ashapur Centers. The Annapurna Center is already self-supporting.

The other changes relate to the CEP program. For current sponsors, nothing will change. For others, the differences are explained on the CEP page.

Henceforth, the Deva-Europe website will reflect these decisions. We will trust these other organizations to take care of street children and the victims of leprosy, so that we can work towards a revitalized and exemplary Deva Center.

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