Contacts and links

DEVA Europe (France)

  • Jean-Max Tassel, President
  • Hervé Lebihan, Treasurer
  • Timothé Toury, Secretary
  • Telephone: +33-4-89-14-34-81
  • E-mail:
Office in Dole
Office in Nice

DISCC (India)

  • Dr Tulsi, president
  • Locally, call us. If possible, we will come pick you up at your hotel.
  • Telephone: 0091-542-2394214
  • E-mail:

DEVA International Society for Child Care –
at DEVA Integrated School for the Handicapped
B.21/100, Bind Bhavan,
Kamachha Chungi,
Uttar Pradesh, INDIA

We appreciate your comments, ideas and suggestions concerning the DISCC. You may contact us at our Varanasi (Benares) address.

Useful and interessants

Site of the photographer Xavier Zimbardo

Wonderful photos of the DiSCC children as well as moving articles by Sonia Barbry about the DISCC and Dr Tulsi.

Une ronde d’enfants autour de la terre

Lovely site by a young French couple who made the trip to Benares and who used singing to contribute to the well-being of the children of the DEVA Center. Once on the site, look for “DEVA”.

Site du Dr Jacques Vigne

Articles, lessons and ideas by the founder of the association that preceded DEVA Europe.