CEP — Child Education Program

Program for disadvantaged children, allowing them to integrate a normal course of study.

Our Child Education Program (CEP) has been so successful that our administrative structure for keeping sponsors regularly informed of the progress of their children has proven insufficient, so it was decided to change the procedure. From now on, all new sponsorship will be part of a global program. A coordinator will allow us to follow up on each child and to keep Dr. Tulsi and his team informed of his status. Sponsors will be informed about the problems we are facing and the successes achieved. Past sponsors will continue to receive news individually as in the past.

Sponsorship: CEP: Children’s Education Program

30 € per month to change the life of a child without future

I wish to sponsor a child, what to do?

We offer you to sponsor a child for a bank transfer of 30 € per month. Thanks to the financial support given by a sponsor, a child will be able to join a public school and even go to university, if he can.

To become a sponsor, please go to Help out.

A specific feature of our Sponsorship Program:


At the end of his studies and after acquiring a profession, each child signs a contract in which he undertakes in turn to take moral and financial charge of the studies of a disadvantaged child whom hw will meet in the course of his life. He accepts that this child have no relationship or friendship with him or his family. He will be committed to doing what has been done for him. This contract will only incur his personal moral responsibility. We trust these men and women. Our goal is to create a chain of solidarity.