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In the heart of Benares — Varanasi being its official Indian name, Kashi for Hindu devotees – Deva-Europe brings support to Dr. Tulsi, who heads the Deva Center for mentally handicapped children.

Building on the success of other, previous projects – preparatory schools for poor children and ashrams for leprosy victims – Deva-Europe and DISCC (“Deva International Society for Child Care”) henceforth are focusing their efforts on helping mentally handicapped children. At the same time, they continue to maintain the Annapurna Center for Young Women in an Indian village near Varanasi.

Dr Tulsi, clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, created the first center for mentally handicapped children in Uttar Pradesh, the state where Varanasi is located, in 1988. In 1991, he founded the D.I.S.C.C. (Deva International Society for Child Care) of which he is founding president. This foundation has been recognized by the Indian government and is approved under the Foreign Contribution Registration Act, allowing it to receive funds from abroad.  Deva-Europe has supported the DISCC since 2000. Today, educators and their families still need our help to survive and carry on their mission of bringing dignified lives to mentally handicapped children.

Blankets for Benares

It’s never been this cold at night in Benares! 

An exceptionally strong cold wave has struck the north of India. Normally, winters are short and mild. This year, an intense cold wave has paralised Uttar Pradesh and the most fragile members of the populace suffer terribly.  Deva Europe, Act and Help, and Humanitaire Himalaya have grouped together to offer blankets to the oldest and most impoverished. Millions of Indians live outdoors without shelter.

Since 5 January, the thermometer has been up to barely 5°, often 3°.

Lettre d’information no. 29

La lettre no. 29 de Deva Europe est sortie.
Réussite du traitement et de la prévention de la Covid en Uttar Pradesh. Des nouvelles pompes d’eau potable et les activités de 2021. Distinction remise au Dr Tulsi et renouvellement du F.C.R.A. (accréditation pour recevoir des fonds de l’étranger). Notre partenariat avec le Dr Jacques Vigne et nos vœux pour 2022.