The Help Line

Emergency assistance

An emergency helpline for children and their families who are in great need of financial help, the role of Help Line is to take care of expenses for health care and food during limited periods of great need.

In addition, we offer:

  • Treatment also of patients suffering from tuberculosis, arthritis, eye problems or psychiatric problems
  • In Nagwa and Assi, social and medical help for children suffering from chronic and psychiatric diseases, in need of social and medical help
  • Organizing vaccination campaigns

It is the role of Help Line to intervene for limited periods of time just when help is needed.

The first task for our organization is to keep informed of the state of things in these communities. Through regular visits to these families, we can establish a climate of mutual confidence and thus be aware of their needs. During periods of severe sickness, we put in place a help program that will last until the family can once again take care of their own needs.

So far, about fifty families have benefited from the assistance given via the Help Line, for medical emergencies, for operations and for psychiatric problems, which also concerns the mentally handicapped children.

In addition, the Help Line also supplies emergency aid in the cases of children who want to continue their studies in public schools and who have not yet found a sponsor through CEP.