Stay on the Ganges at Panchakot House

Each donating member of DEVA Europe who has contributed 300€ during the year may profit from three nights in our exceptional apartment with its ten windows on the Ganges

  • For each additional 100€ donated you will profit from one additional day
  • Your financial support for upkeep of Panchakot House is up to you. Suggested contribution: 25 euros per person per day

Contribute in this way to our activities.

Experience Varanasi and the surrounding areas in a different way by discovering DEVA’s activities and people.

Panchakot House is part of a former Maharaja’s palace and our entirely renovated apartment has a magnificent view of the rising sun on the Ganges. It is located close to Assi at the southern end of the city on Panchakot Ghat near the Ma Ananda Mayi Ashram and the Mother Teresa Mission in the center of the city.

Since 2007, the apartment has an entrance from the terrace, a living room, a dining area, double bedroom, a bathroom and a kitchen.

For more details see DEVA Newsletter No 13 (in French).

The generous donors who stay at Panchakot House contribute to the resources of DISCC and to the financing of our activities.

For reservations, please write to

Guide and interpreter

We propose the services of a guide and interpreter who, according to circumstances, can accompany you when you visit the DEVA programs during the three days. You will also be able to choose a program for various other visits if you wish to prolong your stay. Uma Lacombe speaks fluently French, Hindi, English and German as well as some Spanish and Italian.

You can contact her directly at