Annapurna Center

The Annapurna Center is a meeting place for married girls and young women of the village of Bachhaon, 13km from Benares. Its aim is to provide the women with an area of ​​freedom where they can meet and communicate with each other in order to develop their self-confidence and their individual abilities. They also participate in cultural programs – singing, theater, workshops on hygiene, health and cooking.

In 2010, a new building was inaugurated, where the women can learn sewing and applied arts giveing them the possibility of a small financial independence.

Le nouveau bâtiment du Centre Annapurna

The new Annapurna Center building

For most of them, it is the only place where they are allowed to go outside their families. Being able to leave the family circle and to discuss with other young women contributes to their personal development. A gynecologist comes to see them twice a month. These meetings allow them to learn family planning and hygiene, and discuss what they need to know about their femininity.