Deva Center, 2017

Deva Center

A center of reference for the mentally challenged in India:

Since 2016, the Center has received government support for two programs. The Deva Center is the only one certified for specialized educators in this domain.

The keywords of our philosophy, love and care given to each child.

Here are some photos illustrating our many activities.

Learning with joy

Dr Sharma, Deva Center’s physician, does a weekly checkup on each child.

Learning walking and the coordination of movement

Deva Center’s speech therapist looks to each child’s problems.

Mirror, mirror on the wall…

Blowing bubbles

Each day begins with yoga, song and meditation for all.

Development of attention and concentration

Learning simple daily acts

The practice of sport contributes to the children’s sense of balance — a key point of our educational method.

Cricket – Indian kids love to play cricket

Ball playing – helping hands

Participation in Special Olympic Games increases the children’s motivation and sense of self-respect. Each year, children of the Center receive several medals [This picture is from  2008]

Learning through play and theater.

The Lion King

Music, initiation to rhythm and listening to music

Integration into family life, meal preparation

Integration into social life, meals in common

The three “Rs”, reading, writing and ‘rithmetic

Learning concentration and coordination through play.

Helping the mothers to accompany their child in their daily family life


Development of the senses – vision,  touch and smell

Ramji teaching special educators

Educators being educated

Integration into social life by manufacturing products (serving lunch?)

Helping with what?

What is going on here? Helping to do what? Writing?

Helping to do what?

Peace, joy and togetherness

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