Return towards normal in Uttar Pradesh

In UTTAR PRADESH, the most highly populated state of India and the one where our projects are situatedt, especially in Benares (Varanasi), the health situation is returning to normal.

After a peak of contamination at the end of April 2021 and a dramatic sanitary situation, the policy of three Ts (trace, test, treat) adopted in Uttar Pradesh has led in less than a month to a decrease in the number of cases from 16% to 0.5%.

You will find more detailed information and sources in our latest newsletter for 2021, N° 29. More information is also here ou here.

Electronic tourist visas for a duration of no more than a month can once more be requested as of December 2021.

Your stay in our apartment on the Ganga  while visiting our projects is once again possible.

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