Events of the year 2016

An overview of the events of the year organized by Deva and in which we participated.

In January:

Louis Braille day – a day devoted to the handicapped and especially to the blind.

Republic day – Picnic with all the “actors” of the center; A moment of relaxation and togetherness.

In February:

Teaching Workshop for New Teaching Tools – Teaching Learning Material Kit (TLM) – reserved for special educators. Presence of French visitors and J-M Tassel, present in the different workshops.

In March:

Medical screening camp organized for employees and their families.

Inauguration of the exhibition of paintings by the children of the Deva Center.

Uttar Pradesh Sports Competition for the Handicapped.

Teaching workshop of the new TLM tools offered by educators to the children’s parents of the Center.

With the support of the Chief of Police, Dr. Tulsi’s day of mental awakening for the police in Varanasi so that they could become aware of the importance of the inventory of these and learn how to help them and accompany them. This event received much attention in the local media.

In April:

World Autism Awareness Day, 2 April.

In May:

Meeting with each of the sponsored children of the CEP program.

Meeting day at the center with all parents and their children.

In June:

Award of the Order of Merit by the District Magistrate to Dr Tulsi representing the authorities, for thirty years of social service.

Dr. Tulsi’s lecture at the University on new approaches and new TLM tools to address mental disability.

In July:

Presentation of prizes and medals to participants of the Uttar Pradesh Olympic Games.

In August:

Celebration of independence day with a program created with and by the children.

Visit by women of the Varanasi Rotary Club  to the young women of the Annapurna Center in the village of Bachhaon who had prepared a sumptuous lunch. We expect effective support from the ladies of Rotary.

In September:

Meeting day for accompanying persons and teachers of the Deva Center; feedback, suggestions, clarification and proposed changes.

In October:

Visit by teachers and pupils of Arian Mahila College to introduce them to the difference and to enable them to understand the richness of the relationship with people with mental disabilities.

Participation in the “Deepshika Mela”, the festival of lights celebrated with the candles made by the children.

In November:

As announced in newsletter no. 24, the audit of our actions by the founders of the ATPAR (Alliance To Promote Abilities and Rehabilitation) took place. The results are presented in another post.

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