Target achieved: A retirement benefit for employees

Thanks to a generous donor and with the support of the AnBer Foundation, an exceptional donation of three hundred thousand euros will allow us to fulfill our dream of giving a retirement pension to the 17 employees of the Deva Center who have devoted themselves for more than ten Years to our work. They will be able to benefit from their last salary indexed after 60 years and this until the end of their life. This contract was awarded with the Life Insurance Corporation of India, the insurance company founded by the state.

Among these 17 veteran employees, the oldest is the general secretary Shyamji, who has more than 28 years of seniority.

In addition to each ones receiving his full salary after reaching the age of 60, each will be allocated a small capital. This will be a compensation for the low wages they have accepted by necessity, despite their competence and their continuing education. We are happy for and with them.

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